About Thread Counts

The thread count of a fabric is the number of threads woven into a square inch of the fabric. The higher the number, the more luxurious the fabric is considered to be (subject to the quality of the weave). Beyond about 400/500 thread count, fabrics become thicker to get the ever-increasing number of threads per unit of area. One should consider thread count, texture and thickness when choosing the fabric they prefer.


200 Thread Count is a great all-round fabric when it comes to luxury, price and texture. It is ideal for guest houses. This is a percale weave as described below.


400 Thread Count uses fine threads and is smooth and thin. It is highly recommended to discerning sleepers. This is a sateen weave as described below.


600 Thread Count has the body of 200 and the smoothness of 400 thread count. At higher thread counts, weaves are complex which makes this fabric slightly thicker than 400 thread count. This is a sateen weave as described next.

About Fabric Weaves

Sateen weaves (not to be confused with satin which is polyester) are woven to create a silky-smooth surface with a luminous sheen and is known for its lustre and drape.

Percale weaves are plain in weave and characterized by a matte finish and crisp handle. Percale fabric is lighter in weight and more breathable making it perfect for summertime or warmer climates.

Jacquard is where a fabric has a pattern or stripe woven into it.

For sateen weaves we always buy the most expensive 2 over 1 weave for a refined finish. The less expensive weave is a 4 over 1 which can feel rough even though it is a high thread count.

About Pure Cotton

As with cotton clothing, pure cotton is breathable, comfortable and luxurious in comparison to polycotton. It also lasts longer than polycotton.

Pure cotton does require ironing, but this is easy if slightly damp or sprayed with water before ironing. The advantages of pure cotton bedding however make this a fair trade-off.

For hospitality establishments, pure cotton will allow you to achieve higher ratings, revenue and is almost always preferred by European travellers.