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Pure Cotton Vs Polycotton

White duvet cover with blue embroidery

Pure Cotton Versus Polycotton

As with cotton clothing, pure cotton is breathable, comfortable and luxurious in comparison to polycotton. It also lasts longer than polycotton. Pure cotton does require ironing, but this is easy if slightly damp or sprayed with water before ironing. The advantages of pure cotton bedding however make this a fair trade-off. For hospitality establishments, pure cotton will allow you to achieve higher ratings, revenue and is almost always preferred by European travellers. On the flip side, polycotton, although less comfortable, requires less ironing and has a quicker turnaround time. When ironing cotton, always do so while the fabric is slightly damp. If already dry, you can use a spray bottle or a steam iron. By introducing moisture, only a gentle iron is required. Another short cut is adding a damp face cloth to a load in the tumble dryer and giving it a short 10 minute cycle. Remember to fold the linen as soon as it comes out.

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